Eclectic Sounds of the 60s - 80s Revived - Never Before Heard Original Songs!

Featured Video: "Symphonics on Steroids" performed by Savory Cool

If you often reminisce over the sounds of the 60s through 80s, take a moment and check us out. Welcome to the artist Web site of Elprocomm Revue. Here you can get acquainted with us in a nice, intimate way.

On our About Us page, you learn about the makeup of Elprocomm Revue and get to meet the members of the revue - Curtis Butler, Cynthia Bowen, Gina Brothers, and Savory Cool.

On our Videos page, we deliver to you all the videos we made for each of our songs/instrumentals for your viewing pleasure. Elprocomm Revue currently enjoys promotion on the Internet radio Web site Radio Airplay. Each song being promoted there has a corresponding video.

On our MP3 Samples page, we give you a good taste of our music with its varied sounds. Listen to as many samples as you want - for free - and have a good time. And we are not stingy with the samples, because we want you to see where we're going.

On our Bargain Store page, you get to show support for Elprocomm Revue by buying our CD albums or single MP3s at our special, inexpensive onsite pricing. If you like what Elprocomm Revue is doing, we look forward to you showing your support.

Finally, on the Contact Us page, you get our contact info (e-mail address) so you can tell us what you think about Elprocomm Revue or ask whatever questions you may have.

Lots of Love,

Elprocomm Revue