Who is "Elprocomm Revue?"

Elprocomm Revue is an aggregate of 4 artists (virtual band Savory Cool, female artists Gina Brothers and Cynthia Bowen, and male vocalist Curtis Butler).

Between the 4 artists, Elprocomm Revue features a variety of musical styles, including R&B, soul, pop, jazz, fusion, rock, country, etc. But with a twist: reflecting the sound of the 60s through 80s. So, when you think of Elprocomm Revue, picture a conglomerate of artistic styles of great variety that take you back a few decades in time.

If you like the sound of the 60s through 80s, you'll like us. Curtis Butler, the main writer and producer behind Elprocomm Revue, loved the 60s through 80s sound so much that he had a tendency to capture its flavor in his songwriting.

For those of you who absolutely adored Aretha Franklin, Dionne Warwick, the Motown sound, writing styles like Bacharach and David, the reggae of the 70s (Bob Marley style), a touch of Christine McVie, Anita Baker, Kook & the Gang and other greats of the 60s through 80s, you'll really enjoy Elprocomm Revue as they bring back some of the old school flavor.

You might say that our basic motto is "Good sounding music is good sounding music - regardless of the time".

When it comes to genre, you will see from listening to our songs that we are eclectic. That word is defined as "composed of elements drawn from various sources; selecting what appears to be best in various methods and styles." That fits Elprocomm Revue all the way.

That is, we love to put out music that just sounds good, without worrying about fads. If the harmonies and melodies from our music linger around in your head and heart long after you shut down your CD player, we have accomplished our goal.

Our Artists and Our "Special Guest"

Here is some interesting background info on Elprocomm Revue, as well as our featured special guest - Foreign Blue Renaisance.

Curtis Butler
Curtis Butler is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He played in school orchestras and band (trumpet and french horn), sang in his high school choral club, studied music for 2 years at the Cleveland Music School Settlement (piano, music theory and harmony), and also taught music theory and harmony in his own private school.

Curtis went on to be first tenor and leader of the Fabulous Fabrajes male vocal group,. as well as sang first tenor and played bass with revues such as Expansion Revue and the Foreign Blue Renaisance. While with the Foreign Blue Renaisance, Curtis went by the pen name and stage name of "Edward Prince" (see "Foreign Blue Renaisance - Our Special Guest" below for more info on this).

Curis writes and produces songs for Elprocomm Revue (an aggregate of 4 artists (virtual band Savory Cool, female artists Gina Brothers and Cynthia Bowen, and male vocalist Curtis himself).

An affiliate of BMI (performance rights organization or PRO), he brings backbone to the revue with his contribution of being its producer and primary songwriter. To date, he has contributed about 100 copyrighted songs to the repertoire of Elprocomm Revue.

Curtis is Elprocomm Revue's only male vocalist. His voice has a soft touch to it, just right for the love ballads he sings, whether singing in his natural tenor-baritone range or falsetto.

His influences include Kool & The Gang, Spinners, Temptations, Marvin Gaye & Tammy Terrell, Peaches & Herb, Aretha Franklin, Luther Vandross, Boys II Men.

Click here for MP3 Samples by Curtis Butler

Cynthia Bowen
Cynthia Bowen - from Cleveland, Ohio - is a most exciting female vocalist in the Elprocomm Revue (an aggregate of 4 artists (virtual band Savory Cool, female artist Gina Brothers, male vocalist Curtis Butler and female vocalist Cynthia Bowen herself).

Cynthia Bowen has a mature, versatile voice that just tugs at the heart. Whether she's singing smooth R&B, country, pop, jazz, Latin - you name it - she will take you away on a real musical experience you won't forget.

Her influences include Toni Braxton, Anita Baker, Curtis Butler, Gina Brothers, Savory Cool, Barbara Streisand, Whitney Houston, Gladys Knight.

Click here for MP3 Samples by Cynthia Bowen

Gina Brothers
Gina Brothers is from Cleveland, Ohio - now a member of the Elprocomm Revue (an aggregate of 4 artists (virtual band Savory Cool, female artist Cynthia Bowen, male vocalist Curtis Butler and female vocalist Gina Brothers herself).

Gina Brothers can run the gamut from mellow to zesty to outright sassy. In other words, whatever it takes to convey the right feeling in a song, she has it. She has been described as having a voice crossing between Anita Baker, Dionne Warwick, and Aretha.

Her influences include Anita Baker, Dionne Warwick, Aretha Franklin.

Click here for MP3 Samples by Gina Brothers

Savory Cool
Savory Cool is a virtual band that performs its own instrumentals as well as provides background music behind artists of the Elprocomm Revue (an aggregate of 4 artists (male vocalist Curtis Butler, female artists Gina Brothers and Cynthia Bowen, and this exciting virtual band Savory Cool itself).

Savory Cool brings together some very professional and creative instrumental sounds representing various keyboard, strings, percussion, and brass instruments.

Influences include Kool & the Gang, other jazz/pop bands.

Click here for MP3 Samples by Savory Cool

Foreign Blue Renaisance - Our Special Guest
Foreign Blue Renaisance was a Cleveland group around the 70s, and are included here as our special guest because our male vocalist and writer, Curtis Butler, is proud to present them as one of the best groups he had ever been a member of. Under the stage name and pen name "Edward Prince".

Curtis sang first tenor, played bass, produced and arranged show material, as well as wrote several original songs for the Foreign Blue Renaisance. Two of his songs were recorded by the group on 45 rpm in 1974 at Cleveland Recording on the Kohoutech label. The two songs - "Finding You" and "Oh, Yes I Do" are featured on this Web site.

During the time Curtis was with the Foreign Blue Renaisance, the membership was as follows: 1) Curtis Butler (stage name "Edward Prince"), tenor vocalist and bass player; 2) Greg Brown, tenor vocalist; 3) Dale Coleman, tenor-baritone vocalist; 4) Russell Hodge, tenor vocalist and guitar player; 5) Bennell Laster, first trumpet; 6) Johnny Britt, tenor vocalist and second trumpet; 7) Maurice Reedus, saxophone and congas; and 8) Willie McAllister, drummer.

Curtis left the Foreign Blue Renaisance after going into the Army during the summer of 1973, but continued ties with them up through the recording of the two songs he wrote for them mentioned above, providing vocal coaching and arrangements. Sometime afterwards, the group eventually disbanded. But Curtis has retained the outstanding performances the Foreign Blue Renaisance did on his two songs, and is proud to present the group on our Web site as special guest of Elprocomm Revue.

Click here for MP3 Samples by special guest Foreign Blue Renaisance

Lyvell Smoove - Our Special Guest
Lyvell Smoove is a singer/guitarist and song writer born in the San Francisco Bay Area. He played music with a number of local bands throughout the Bay Area and surrounding areas before making Atlanta his home. There he continues to share his love of music with all his supportive fans.

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